Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Something for the Weekend: Black Mesa Source

This week marks the culmination of over 8 years of blood, sweat and tears. This week is the week when one of the greatest fan labours of love in gaming history comes to fruition. On friday at midnight Black Mesa Source is relesed.

Black Mesa Source is a mod for Half Life Two that recreates the entirety of Half Life in glorious current generation HD graphics. It features re-recorded high fidelity voice acting, remastered audio design and fully re-rendered character models and environments built from the ground up in Source. All you need is SDK 2007 to play it (if you have Half Life 2 on steam you can install it via the tools tab of your games library) and it's completely free.

Currently the game only runs up to where you enter Xen in the lambda labs (about 3/4 of the way though the original) but they are planning to add the last quarter of the game when it's done. Made by the fans, for the fans and completly free. Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences.

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